searching for the “why?”

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this is interesting to me. digging for the “why” when it comes to writing. why write at all? will it matter?

is that ridiculous?

I don’t know. it’s different for every writer, I know. but I know that mental health/mental illness are subjects that deserve attention. if I can shine a light on this stuff, using my own experience, I’m excited to do it. I encourage others to find their voice, and share. I’m healing, slowly but surely, and writing is behind it.

don’t say “I can’t write” or “where do I start?” that is not true, and there are no rules! write like no one is watching! no audience…just YOU. this made It easier for me, as I was sure I was being watched and judged. make a note, whenever you are inspired or curious or whatever, to write about something that interests you. don’t worry about formatting or perfect sentences. get some text down and make it sing! you know how to do this…you’re a WRITER. you LOVE this…this is what you DO!

so I suspect that once you “start,” you’ll be surprised at the result. maybe a topic or two interests you? again: no rules, so it doesn’t have to be pretty. just express yourself, and create!

THAT is a beautiful thing!

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