unattainable: beautiful knees

unattainable beautiful knees

Every time I see this beautiful pair of knees, I feel worthless. TRIGGERED, oh, yes. this is what I do. I grip and twist my flesh (fat) – I hate my body so much. this is my only recourse, given my faulty “equipment”. I remain standing as often as I can, because I can’t stand the way my legs look when I’m seated. thighs thick and straining and stretching the fabric of my shorts; I can’t bear it. and when my knees are bent, all the fat flattens and spills out of the fold. it is disgusting and UNACCEPTABLE. what to do? maybe I can tear it off, if I just grab and twist hard enough. the hatred is building and I know what’s coming next.

I need to bleed.


    1. Thank you! This one, like almost all of them, just instructs my fingers to type…I never know where they’re going. Getting there is my joy. Love words!

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