1. Should be interesting. I’ve a CT scan later in the day: I’m hoping they’ll find a reason for the pain, I suspect my GP is trying to prove I’m an “emotional woman.”

  1. now that doesn’t sound good. CT investigating head pain? recent trauma? and the docs are always trying to prove that. I hope you are OK…I get my first vaccine tonight. been waiting a long time. My MS makes it especially important, so im happy about getting it.

    sending. you positive energy, and light…MC

  2. You already know how much I love your writing…these pieces are incredibly raw and hyper realistic. You bring the reader right to attention with your strong prose; unapologetically well crafted. Love you and so happy to read and witness your feminine power and evolution and see you shining your beauty and light all over us.☄️☄️☄️❤️

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