overcoming opioid addiction

I became addicted to opiates in 2001, through continued use of them after major medical surgeries. I had three back surgeries – fusions/laminectomies, and the removal of a blood clot that developed during second surgery. This clot did nerve damage and left me with a limp and weakness on my right side. The pain, after surgeries, was intense. I continued to use the Lortab every 6 hours, for almost a year out of surgery. The pain diminished and I knew that I didn’t need them anymore. but I was so used to that “high” I would get, about a half hour after I took it. I knew I was in trouble, but as long as the doctor kept prescribing them, I refilled the script and happily took them. but the doctor stopped calling them in, about 14 months after the surgeries. I was nervous, and worried I would go into withdrawal. I missed the high, but didn’t experience any withdrawal symptoms (so lucky). it took a few days, but I did it. mornings were hardest. being at work helped a lot. I was preoccupied and got through the morning hours with no problem. I guess the addiction wasn’t that strong, because I was able to kick it right away. grateful to God. my body was so tired of it; I just had to quit.


  1. So happy that they didn’t take you down. They’re very powerful, but you are more powerful!!!!❤

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