medical marijuana

I use it. it helps a great deal with chronic pain, depression and anxiety. I say this knowing I’ll be judged and looked down upon by lots of readers. this is unfortunate, but does not sadden me. if you’ve had chronic pain, you get it. I hope the rest of you never have it. but if you do, you can’t say what you’ll do for relief.

I don’t take narcotics anymore. I dealt with addiction and beat it. it wasn’t easy. but I did it. I went back to suffering in silence. that is, until medical marijuana became available to me. I was unfamiliar with the effects, but my neurologist discussed how the pot might help with MS neuropathy and associated nerve pain. and, it’s also prescribed for depression and anxiety. so, I have had a great deal of success with marijuana therapy. both physically and mentally. I’m on board with marijuana…I just can’t afford it very often. it’s expensive and I’m on disability. the convenience of dispensaries is really terrific. and the relief is amazing, both mentally and physically. so…I will use medical marijuana, whenever it fits into my budget. the neuropathy has greatly diminished, and the incessant nerve needle-burn pain is better. this is something I thought I would NEVER say.

I had NO HOPE of pain relief outside of nacotics/painkillers. Now, I’m living my best life, on NO pain medicine.

Here I stand, GLEEFULLY excited to be WRONG. Medical marijuana HELPS. It’s simple. and it’s safe. and it’s changed my life.

pain now rolls in, bringing waves of deep agony. but when it recedes, pain lessens some. then it happens again.

and again.

mariuana brings waves of pain relief. it just DOES.

and I’m grateful.

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  1. Sorry it’s expensive, glad you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble anymore. In the US especially, drug charges are bad. I vaporize, usually a hybrid with a high CBD/THC count. Like you, for the nerve pain and for anxiety. Marijuana is a real success story in terms of sales pitches to convince masses that it’s evil.

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