I loved so hard

i loved so hard
Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com

so I love you. I know it almost right away, because i burn with white-hot intensity when I’m near you. I’m unsure of how to act; feel like I can’t breathe when I hear your voice. you don’t know about it. I watch your gentle brown eyes look away quickly, if I catch you glancing at me. you sit in front of me and my desk touches your back. all I can think about is feeling your lips, cool and smooth, on mine. I’m consumed with desire, while my teacher rambles on and on about the Louisiana Purchase. I pretend to take notes (I really should be doing this – I’m not doing well in this class), and I lean forward in my desk seat. trying to smell your hair, but all I smell is faint Old Spice. a photographic slide show begins to run in my brain, and you’re suddenly on top of me. I thrust both hands through your hair, and grip each side of your head. we were kissing in my head. memory is powerful and I see us rolling together, skin to skin. then it’s snowing tonight, making roads dangerous and making it impossible for sensible travel. you’re not allowed to drive and I’m going out of my mind not seeing you. I’m feeling flames in my body. are you feeling it too? missing you while it gnaws and grinds in my heart. I can see the snow falling and it’s painful; I want you, so I WILL the snow to stop. I will it with all of my burning heart.

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