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I am taking time to write, for the first time in 4 weeks. I have been consumed by a voracious need to create artistically, fueled by a recent volunteer position I’ve accepted. I’m doing freelance graphic design for a wonderful nonprofit. I’ve been given complete artistic freedom (intoxicating) and almost no guidelines or rules. All of this makes for one VERY excited designer/writer!

So, I’ve been spending 10/12 hours a day volunteering/designing for this nonprofit. I was already setup to work from home, with my MacBook and Adobe Creative Suite, so it was just a matter of connecting with my current boss of this nonprofit. I began work immediately, after talking with him about the vision and goals for the social media campaign. I understood him and proceeded to develop my first sample pieces for him. it’s been a couple of months now, and we’ve hit a rhythm.

I support the cause – legalization and support of medical cannabis – and the impact it continues to have on big Pharma.

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But what happened to writing? It seems all I want to do lately is be a graphic artist. And that’s fine. However, I’m worried about the OCD part of the equation. Again, there’s the issue of setting limits.

I don’t.

But seriously, I am spending so many solid hours doing this artistic work that I’m too tired at the end of the day to do any worthwhile writing. I understand that my graphic work is using creativity, but nothing is more delicious in the mind of this writer than crafting a beautiful phrase…selecting the words and sliding them into the slots of a well-structured sentence. This brings me joy.

So I’m hoping this piece helps me launch back into writing. I have created some truly good work, according to my peers and my boss. I’ve been showered with accolades that never cease to delight. So, it’s time to switch gears. Time to scratch that creative writing itch. I feel like the energy is bubbling up, just below the surface. It can no longer be silenced.

So, this is my offering. I’m thoroughly enjoying the design work. I love choosing the fonts for a piece. Selecting typography is exciting. And moving on to color is just sweet! I see the graphic developing before my eyes, and I am excited. Creating multi-colored layers and paths that are entwined within each other technologically – this sets up a stunning array of design options for the artist.

Thoroughly satisfying and rewarding, knowing my work is published online “out there in cyberspace” where all electronic files/emails go. I’m among a billion other writers, my pages floating lightly in the space between emotions and words.

Waiting to be read, and brought to life.

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