I’ve got to get this OFF OF ME!

admit to it and commit to it. this is not a diet slogan. at least not in this writer’s mind upon writing. I’m referring to constant grabbling and pulling, like the kind in this image. admit that you do it it’s not easy, I know. behavior like this is so off-the-charts mental illness/body shaming/bdd/self-harming…who would want to ADMIT TO THAT?

but you must. because as soon as you step out of the shadows and let the light hit your face, you’re free. there are others there to welcome you. all you have to do is admit that you want help.

but that’s not all. you must admit AND COMMIT. commit to being vigilant of yourself, always striving for your most AUTHENTIC and HONEST self. you may think the commitment is easy, because it’s only to yourself. but it’s not. striving for transparency is this writer’s goal. I want to end this constant self-abuse.

it’s the hardest part, honoring the commitment to yourself. but you have nothing to lose! that’s the amazing part. and you have EVERYTHING to gain! I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty remarkable. count me in!

I commit.

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