exposing the state of my mental health
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what the hell was I thinking?? why on EARTH would I share my private mental hell with the world?? private and so provocative…I must prepare for the onslaught of NO COMMENTS at all! LOL. people are strange, when it comes to mental health. some are very open and caring, and oh, so CURIOUS. there are some, however, that live with preconceived notions of what mental illness is. that people who are mentally ill are all crazy.

what is crazy, anyway? just a word. it’s used all the time, by the young and old, the mentally healthy and mentally ill. a word that means a million things today. certainly doesn’t describe my mental illness. “sick” is a better term, although it implies finding a “cure” or medicine that will help. sometimes this is true. but I wouldn’t call myself “crazy.” just my opinion.

maybe this will reach someone that needs help.

because I know that there are others who relate to these thoughts. who indulge in my plethora of random musings…and end up losing track of time while escaping into my world.

I have become totally transparent. This is what I set out to do…to reveal my inner demons. to do this as HONESTLY as possible. I hope this truth may touch someone who needs help. who connects with something I’ve posted. I am mostly embarrassed and panicked about revealing my truth. I feel inside out. my “insides” are center stage, for all of my friends, family and online community to see.

but somehow, I feel GOOD. like I’m a positive entity, ready to spread awareness and acceptance. I am making this my mission, as a writer. the GOOD feeling is contagious, and I want to infect all of my readers. share and speak your truths…lead by EXAMPLE.

Your reward is love!

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