hullabaloo about mental illness

mental illnesses, disorders, and all that hullabaloo

for a very long time, I inhabited the world of UNdiagnosed, MISdiagnosed, and OVERmedicated. it’s a full-time job, pursuing affordable, qualified psychiatric care. and, when you finally find a doctor that takes your insurance, and is qualified to deal with the specifics of your illness(es), they’re not taking new patients. it’s a very involved process, […]


My blog is for people that don’t want to commit. They want their dose of gritty, raw truth in paragraphs that end perilously too soon. my words are meant to bridge the gap between the “now” and the commitment to ending the cycle of self-harming. bridging the gap means taking a leap. it’s hard…there is […]


sizing up my constant challenger – the blank page – armed and ready to taunt me relentlessly. I shamelessly relish the opportunity to step up to the plate. taking a swing? now that’s something altogether different. I’m the kind of writer that needs to have a prompt of some kind. I need the lightbulb over […]