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I am falling apart. it’s agony. mental illness physically hurts me. torments me every day. I’ve been scratching and digging my head and considering peeling skin off my feet. I need to feel something different from mental pain. bleeding would be good too. but I can’t. I am purposely surrounded by my family. they are […]


My blog is for people that don’t want to commit. They want their dose of gritty, raw truth in paragraphs that end perilously too soon. my words are meant to bridge the gap between the “now” and the commitment to ending the cycle of self-harming. bridging the gap means taking a leap. it’s hard…there is […]

congratulations! you’ve won a “vacation” in that far-off destination… RECOVERY!

I recently sent myself an invitation to “vacation” in this new, appealing place called “RECOVERY”. It had been recommended/strongly suggested to me by my “travelagent”/therapist. I was sure to include the bright and sunny brochures, given to me by my “travelagent”/therapist….this place sounded AMAZING. It promised bright, sun-dappled relief from intrusive thoughts, and handy tools […]


few know, or even understand, how absolutely omnipotent self-harming can be in the life of someone that is suffering. I have been self-harming a long time. whether it’s cutting, digging, picking, WHATEVER…I’ve been doing it a VERY long time. it started with my scalp, in elementary school. picking at my scalp until I removed skin, […]


what the hell was I thinking?? why on EARTH would I share my private mental hell with the world?? private and so provocative…I must prepare for the onslaught of NO COMMENTS at all! LOL. people are strange, when it comes to mental health. some are very open and caring, and oh, so CURIOUS. there are […]