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stigma of mental illness and subsequent prescription drugs: why am I so ashamed?

I’m bipolar. I require prescription medication to manage this mental illness. I’ve been on medication for a number of years, and it has allowed me to lead a “normal” life (whatever THAT means). Mania and depression have plagued me for so long…it was a welcome, overwhelming wash of “even-temperedness” and well-being that came over me […]

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held captive

I am taking time to write, for the first time in 4 weeks. I have been consumed by a voracious need to create artistically, fueled by a recent volunteer position I’ve accepted. I’m doing freelance graphic design for a wonderful nonprofit. I’ve been given complete artistic freedom (intoxicating) and almost no guidelines or rules. All […]

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interviewing a new therapist (again)

after being unceremoniously discharged from my psychiatrist/therapist of over 20 years, I’m in the business, once again, of interviewing a new therapist (I’ve found a psychiatrist). I’ve got Medicare and it’s covered…just need to find one that participates with Medicare. Not too hard, but it’s the rapport and the relationship that I’m looking for. I’ve […]

ed/spring 2021

I have this love/hate relationship with summer. it’s terrifying to have to wear LESS clothing, because of the seasonal temperatures. it’s horrible to be SCARED of summer. but I also LOVE summer. I like reasonably warm temps. and I love that it stays light later. I like fresh fruits and vegetables. laying by the beach, […]


it took a while, for me to discover that it was abuse. in the beginning, it just seemed to be good-natured ribbing, like you would do with a good friend. maybe not your girlfriend, but still it seemed innocuous. harmless even. that is until it WASN’T. the graphic in this piece is a fairly good […]

a middle-aged, handicapped, mentally ill woman’s take on recovery and wellness

I don’t know what anything means anymore. recovery? wellness? I don’t know. all I know is how I feel, and I feel BETTER. Better. there’s that word again. for me, better is about feeling less sad. less depressed and melancholy. just LESS of the bad stuff. and more good stuff. I am in a “better” […]