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“Wow! This material is really raw. I just want to put my arms around you and hold you, and, if I could, erase all of that and re-write the script. You are a masterful wordsmith and I believe your blog will help other people who are going through the struggle.”

Holly Stave, Professor of Literature, Louisiana Scholars’ College

About Me

Hi, I’m Michelle…I am dedicated to blogging about mental health/mental illness, specifically eating disorders/body image disorders. I have had an eating disorder for 40 years, and I believe connecting with other ED people is the first step toward healing. I am not an authority on anything; I simply have a disease that has forced me to become educated about eating disorders (especially bulimia). I want this blog to raise awareness and help others, if possible. I look forward to comments and discussion. I am also bipolar, and I encourage sharing ideas and thoughts about how mental health/illness affects you.

Let’s hang out!

National Alliance on Mental Illness – 800-950-6264 (NAMI hotline)

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This is Michelle’s first novel, published online with Kindle Direct Press in 2018.

Things are not always what they seem! Honor Wise is a self-proclaimed liar, thief and addict.  She is the victim of childhood molestation, bulimic, a cutter, and diagnosed bipolar.  We come to know Honor through current events and flashbacks.  She fiercely wants to heal herself by chronicling her story.  In and out of many different treatment centers, she gains a few true friends.  Life becomes unmanageable, as her untreated illness begins to gain control.   Eventually, she has a breakdown of sorts, while struggling to hold herself and her career together.  She is hospitalized.  Through this ordeal, she begins working with a psychiatrist who is a brilliant diagnostician and prescribes a series of medications that begin to help.  She is in recovery,, and lives her life being grateful and cautiously optimistic.